Your Guide To Running a Half Marathon

This is more than just a 12-week Running Programme that will get you to the finish line. This guide contains valuable tips from my 20 years of personal experience with endurance running, as well as from top athletes! I wish I had this knowledge when I was obsessed with running races despite my constant injuries, lack of strength training and no cooking-clue how to fuel my body properly!

I learned the hard way, but you don't have to, because in this guide I have included:

  • Warm-up and warm-down stretches
  • Best ab workouts for runners
  • Nutrition tips pre- and post runs
  • Valuable insights from experienced runners
  • 12-Week running programme
  • FAQ: the most popular running Q’s answered
  • Bonus: pace chart, common running injuries, and specialists to consult with
  • Bonus: how to optimise zone 2 cardio and understand your heart rate to reach your optimal performance

Investment: $25

Here's what to expect from the Programme...

In my twenties I used to only rely on cardio, especially running, to get fit and as a result, I was constantly fatigued & injured. The ultimate game-changer was when I discovered how crucial Strength Training is. 

This 12-week programme will allow you to gradually increase your mileage and build up your endurance whilst giving you enough time to prioritise your nutrition and training.

It will enable you to work out the best recovery methods for your body, as well as educate you on how small dietary changes can enhance your performance & transform your body composition in a healthy, sustainable way.  


Upgrade your running experience...

 If you want to run injury-free, improve your running style, and run for longer with increased speed, then incorporating strength training into your running programme is critical. Not only will it help you build muscle, increase power, and improve your range of motion, it also helps to strengthen the muscles surrounding your joints which will lead to improving your balance and stability, enabling you to run longer and faster.

Once you have purchased the FitMom 21km Running Guide, we suggest subscribing to the monthly FitMom App so that you can access the brand new Strength Training for Runners Workouts within in the App. 


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