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I’ve been that girl...

Hi, I am Ash, mother of 3, certified PT, and the creator of FitMom. I coach, educate, & support women to take control of their lives & get fitter, healthier & stronger.

I make sure that they see results and that they don’t make the same mistakes that I made. Because…

I used to be “that girl” who ONLY did cardio, like a little hamster on a wheel, day in & day out, until eventually burning out.

At the age of 38 I am so darn chuffed to say that I have found true, healthy, sustainable balance!

Training to be strong, eating to fuel my body WITHOUT restricting myself, whilst striving for progress each & every week, and not being blinded by the illusion of perfection.

Ash Iovino

FitMom Strong


If you’re tired of jumping from one ‘faddy’ quick-fix to the next, only to end up back at square 1 a few weeks later, then you better read on.

The FitMom Strong Challenge has been designed exactly for you. This is my most educational and sustainable challenge that will kick-start your health and fitness journey, FINALLY getting you the results you have always dreamed of that can last forever.

It can be done from the comfort of your home, while you travel, or at the gym using minimal equipment. Highly effective, time-efficient, simple strength workouts for all levels.

This is more than just a challenge to help you reduce body fat and build strength. You will gain invaluable knowledge as to how you can get leaner and feel stronger at any stage of your life. And the best part – you can have a social life and enjoy all of your favourite foods too!



One Week of FitMom


Including some of the most popular FitMom recipes


My free Beginner’s Running Guide


Wholesome and easy FitMom soup recipes


I created this guide to help you calculate the number of calories that you can consume daily in order to go into a healthy calorie deficit to assist in losing weight.


It can be very overwhelming knowing where to start when embarking on a fitness journey.  Download my free Beginner’s Running Guide to give you the support & guidance to run your first 5km,  injury-free!

Recent Podcasts

Listen to my two-part interview with Marisa, from TheStream. We discuss all things related to women’s heath, ditching fad diets, calorie deficits, macronutrient targets, strength training, and how to set yourself up for long-term success by putting the correct habits in place to reach your goals.

Available on Spotify and iTunes

Available on Spotify and iTunes

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FitMom App

The FitMom App enables you to train anywhere, anytime. This “no excuses” approach to training will give you full access to a library of workouts designed by Ash for busy women.

It is convenient, affordable, results-driven and effective. Choose from HIIT, prenatal, postnatal, and body weight workouts.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or if working out is second nature to you – there is literally something for everyone.

FitMom is here to help women around the world make permanent changes to both their mindset and lifestyle.

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If you’re tired of starting every Monday on a different diet. If you’re tired of hitting the gym & not seeing the results you’re so desperately after. If you’re tired of being stuck in a restrict/binge cycle, then I have just the answer for you…

Allow me to be your coach & accountability partner.

I will educate, motivate, and guide you with a fully customised nutrition & strength training programme. This is not a quick fix. This is a long-term, sustainable approach to living your best life.

Losing weight, getting strong, and shifting your mindset takes time. Sign up with me as your coach for as long as you need me for.

If you listen to what I advise, remain consistent & dedicated, I will make sure that you reach your goals.

I give 300% to my 1-on-1 clients. Join my waitlist to secure your spot as there are limited memberships available.

Cost: £149/month

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FitMom Strong Challenge

Are you ready for your biggest transformation yet!?

And I am not just talking about a physical transformation! I will be sharing MY exact workouts, resources, and tasty protein-rich recipes with my FitMom Strong Society, so make sure that you secure your spot!