The Journey of FitMom: Empowering Women through Fitness

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I’m Ash Lovino, the founder of fitmom, (fitness for all phases of womanhood) a brand born out of my deep passion for health, fitness, and empowering women through all phases of motherhood and beyond. As my very first blog post I wanted to share my personal journey of how fitmom came to be and the driving force behind its mission to help women become the strongest versions of themselves. I don’t believe in quick-fixes and the BS fad diet culture…at fitmom we are all about balance, sustainable health, and genuine empowerment.

I’ve always been drawn to the world of health and fitness. From a young age, I recognised the transformative power of taking care of our bodies and minds. It was eight years ago when I decided to take a leap of faith. I left behind my corporate job and became a qualified personal trainer, finally pursuing my dream of empowering and educating women to unleash their potential…this quickly evolved and the FitMom offering grew to include:

1. Fitness and wellness for busy moms
2. Strength training for moms
3. Postpartum fitness
4. Mom-friendly workouts
…and so much more

For me, it’s all about balance, enjoying life, and nurturing sustainable health. I strongly believe that quick-fix solutions like fad diets, juice cleanses, and detoxes don’t lead to long-lasting results and can be a psychological mind-F and life is too short for restrictions! That’s why I’ve made it my mission to steer women away from these unsustainable approaches and guide them towards embracing a holistic, balanced lifestyle that truly supports their overall well-being.

FitMom started as a mobile personal training service, and it was an incredible adventure right from the beginning. Picture this: I would load up my equipment into the boot of my car and hit the road, driving across Cape Town to train women of all ages and phases of life. It was a privilege to meet these amazing women, hear their stories, and witness their progress firsthand.
The journey of fitmom is rooted in my unwavering belief in the power of women and their ability to achieve greatness. By prioritising balance, sustainable health, and a positive mindset, fitmom has become a platform for women to discover their inner strength and embrace their unique fitness journeys. Together, we break free from the quick-fix mindset and empower women to cultivate a lifelong commitment to their well-being.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a fitness journey that goes beyond superficial results and focuses on holistic well-being, welcome to fitmom… join our monthly subscription based FitMom Fitness App.

Let’s embrace balance, celebrate our bodies, and empower each other to be the strongest, most vibrant versions of ourselves.

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